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Sandhill Bluet (Enallagma davisi) by Mark Shields
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distribution Primarily the Sandhills region, but sparingly east to the southeastern corner of the state. As NC lies at the northern end of the range, the current northern limits are Craven, Sampson, and Moore counties.
abundance Generally uncommon and local, eastward to Sampson and Bladen counties, and very rare east to Carteret County. Fairly common at a few favored locales in the Sandhills.
flight A spring-season flight only, unusual for a bluet. The flight occurs from early April to mid-June, but is mostly over by mid-May.
habitat Sandy-bottomed lakes or large ponds, with emergent vegetation along the shore.
comments Though there are many dragonflies with a flight period in the spring season only, there are few such "spring only" damselflies. As with the Cherry Bluet, the species does not seem quite scarce enough to be considered as a Watch List species by the NC Natural Heritage Program. Thankfully, we now have a few recent records away from the Sandhills, documented by photos, from as far east as Carteret County and southeast to Brunswick County. Surprisingly there are no records yet for Cumberland County, much of which lies in the Sandhills region.
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Photo Gallery for Sandhill Bluet

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Photo by: R.Emmitt, H. LeGrand, J. Pippen

Comment: Scotland, 2019-04-28, Gum Swamp Lake, Crawford Lake - Crawford Lake
Photo by: R Emmitt and super DSA crew!

Comment: Scotland, 2018-05-11, Scotland Lake
Photo by: Kyle Kittelberger

Comment: Richmond; C, 2017-05-08, McKinney Lake Fish Hatchery
Photo by: Mark Shields

Comment: Brunswick, 2017-04-12, North Lake and Spring Lake parks, Boiling Spring Lakes
Photo by: Mark Shields

Comment: Carteret, 2017-04-04, Ponds along Patsy Pond Nature Trail, Croatan National Forest - mature males
Photo by: Conrad Wernett, Alyssa Wernett, Matt Anderson

Comment: Richmond; C, 2015-05-03, - Many seen around Lake McKinney and adjancet fish hatchery
Photo by: Alicia Jackson

Comment: Moore; C, 2015-05-02, in my garden (adj. to Ray
Photo by: Conrad Wernett

Comment: Scotland, 2014-04-26, - Scotland Lake
Photo by: Ali Iyoob, Matt Daw, Dan Irizarry

Comment: Richmond; C, 2011-05-05, McKinney Lake Fish Hatchery
Photo by: Ali Iyoob, Matt Daw, Dan Irizarry

Comment: Scotland, 2011-05-05, Scotland Lake in the Gamelands
Photo by: R. Emmitt, M. Millard

Comment: Scotland, 2008-04-19, Sandhills Gamelands
Photo by: R. Emmitt, M. Millard

Comment: Scotland, 2008-04-19, female from the Sandhills Gamelands