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Amanda's Pennant (Celithemis amanda) by John Petranka, Sally Gewalt
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distribution The southern 2/3rds of the Coastal Plain and extreme eastern Piedmont, ranging sporadically north to Franklin (Piedmont), Edgecombe, and Martin counties. Of widespread occurrence in the Sandhills and southern 35-40% of the Coastal Plain. NC lies at the northern end of the species' range.
abundance Common in the Sandhills and southern/southeastern Coastal Plain counties, especially where pocosins, savannas, limesink ponds, and other non-riverine waters are present. Rare to uncommon north of Johnston and Craven counties, and rare in the narrow portion of the range into the Piedmont.
flight Mainly in summer and early fall; formerly early June into early October, rarely to mid-November. However, the flights seem to be starting earlier in recent years, with many May records, plus a record in 2019 from 15 April! Thus, as of now, the flight begins around mid-May.
habitat Breeds in pools, ponds, and lakes, where well vegetated.

See also Habitat Account for Coastal Plain Herbaceous Ponds and Sloughs
behavior This species, as do most other pennants, perches on twigs and vegetation fairly low to the ground. Adults often forage well away from ponds, such as in savannas and flatwoods.
comments This is one of the most often encountered dragonflies in late summer when one is walking in savannas, flatwoods, pocosin margins, and the vicinity of limesink ponds, in high quality natural areas such as found in Croatan National Forest, Holly Shelter Game Land, and the Sandhills Game Land. It, along with the Halloween Pennant, seems to forage farther away from water than do the other Celithemis pennants in NC.
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Photo Gallery for Amanda's Pennant

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Photo by: Mike Turner

Comment: Carteret, 2018-09-02, Croatan National Forest; Millis Rd.
Photo by: Mike Turner

Comment: Craven, 2018-09-01, Croatan N.F., powerline ROW at intersection of Catfish Lake Rd. and Little Rd.
Photo by: Mark Shields, John Petranka

Comment: Carteret, 2018-08-24, Ponds along Patsy Pond Nature Trail, Croatan National Forest
Photo by: Rob Van Epps

Comment: Richmond; C, 2017-10-01, NC Sandhills Gamelands
Photo by: Salman Abdulali

Comment: Craven, 2017-08-27,
Photo by: Conrad Wernett

Comment: Carteret, 2017-05-21, - Patsy Pond. Single immature male with damaged wing.
Photo by: John Petranka

Comment: Jones, 2016-09-11, Croatan National Forest. Along Great Lake Road at junction with Seaborn road. 1 male, 2 females. Photo.
Photo by: Mark Shields

Comment: Pender, 2016-09-05, Holly Shelter Game Land, ponds
Photo by: Mark Shields

Comment: Carteret, 2016-08-21, individuals not counted; ponds along Patsy Pond Nature Trail, Croatan National Forest
Photo by: Mark Shields

Comment: Onslow, 2016-07-15, individuals not counted; Stones Creek Game Land
Photo by: Mark Shields

Comment: Onslow, 2016-06-26, individuals not counted; Stones Creek Game Land
Photo by: Mark Shields

Comment: Brunswick, 2015-08-01, Green Swamp Preserve
Photo by: John Petranka, Sally Gewalt

Comment: Jones, 2015-07-30, Great Lake Road at jct. with Seaborn Rd. Croatan NF. - Males and females.
Photo by: Rick Cheicante

Comment: Richmond; P, 2014-09-20, - Sandhills Game Land
Photo by: E. Corey

Comment: Cumberland, 2007-09-11,
Photo by: Jeff Pippen - Jeff's website

Comment: Carteret Co., 2004-08-29, male
Photo by: Randy Emmitt

Comment: Scotland Co., 2004-07-24, Sandhills Gamelands, female