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Doleranus longulus - No Common Name

© Ken Childs- note wing cells

© Ken Childs- note color
Family: CICADELLIDAESubfamily: Deltocephalinae
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Description: Brownish-yellow, marked with reddish-brown; the chestnut-colored wings have pale venation, outlined with darker infuscations inside each wing cell. The vertex is twice as wide as it is long, with a somewhat rounded, pointed tip. The ocelli are white, connected by a white transverse line along the margin. The pronotum is fulvous, with dark brown markigns on the anterior portion; the scutellum is the same color but has dark lateral triangles. The female pregenital sternite has the posterior margin depressed, slightly and angularly elevated. The male subgenital plates are rounded with almost parallel-margined tips. Adults are 5-6 mm long. (DeLong, 1948)

For some diagrams of this species, see: Dmitriev.

Distribution in North Carolina
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Out of State Record(s)
Distribution: An uncommon, infrequently encountered species found in the East and central United States, as far west as Colorado (DeLong, 1948).
Abundance: A single record for the state from the Piedmont, probably more abundant in the right habitat. Metcalf (1967) lists the species for North Carolina but it is unclear from where.
Seasonal Occurrence
Habitats and Life History
Habitats: Wooded floodplains, along stream banks, etc. (DeLong, 1948)
Plant Associates: Herbaceous plants
Behavior: Can be attracted at night with a light.
Comment: The other member of this genus recorded from North Carolina, D. vividus, is green rather than brown and lacks definite markings.
Status: Native
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Species Photo Gallery for Doleranus longulus No Common Name

Photo by: Randy Emmitt
Orange Co.
Comment: uv lights. Did not like to be photographed; state record
Photo by: Ken Childs
Out Of State Co.
Photo by: Ken Childs
Out Of State Co.