Mammals of North Carolina:
their Distribution and Abundance
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Nine-banded ArmadilloGaston2018-07-17Rocky Beatty1The Nine- banded Armadillo had been run over on Interstate 85 between Cox Road exit and Cramerton - Lowell exit - Gastonia 03_Roadkill
Eastern ChipmunkJackson2018-07-17Jerri Thomas 111:00 am Scurrying around on sunny upper back deck. Hides under grill etc and then sneaks back out from time to time to peek at me. - Trillium Ridge, CullowheeNCphoto02_Photo
Woodland Jumping MouseMcDowell2018-06-13Tom Pericak1This mouse was hiding under a garden hose around noon. - Location is near the S.W. corner of McDowell County at 2000' elevation.photo02_Photo
Nine-banded ArmadilloMcDowell2018-07-07Tom Pericak1I caught an image of the armadillo on a wildlife cam. Here is a utube link: - This is near the S.W. corner of McDowell County, N.C.02_Photo
BobcatWatauga1993-09-11Bob CherryWildlife Observation Card - Blue Ridge Parkway05_Sight
BobcatWatauga2002-11-01Sandy AdairBobcat seen near Trout Lake and Moses Cone Park - Blue Ridge Parkway05_Sight
BobcatAlleghany2017-08-19Lillian McElrath1Taken during rockwall surveys in the evening - Blue Ridge Parkwayphoto02_Photo
CoypuDare2018-06-30Maike Camp1Estimated 20 lb adult walking down paved road at 7:45am from direction of beach access toward route 12 - 24260 Dean Ave, Rodanthe05_Sight
American MinkWatauga2018-06-30Jeannine Logan1Mink chasing a rabbit - Bone NCphoto02_Photo
American MinkWatauga2018-06-30Jeannine Logan17:05 am. Very curious of my presence. Was actually chasing a rabbit. Birds were chasing the mink. I have it on video. Has returned several times to check us out. - Boone NCphoto02_Photo
Eastern ChipmunkDurham2018-06-27Ann Scherma1Morning and afternoon. The first chipmunk I have seen in Durham in nearly two years here. We moved to NC from Maine, where chipmunks are abundant. - In naturalized back yard, near wooded area between houses05_Sight
Striped SkunkMoore2018-06-27Rex Badgett1Roadkill - NC 24/27 about a mile east of NC 705photo02_Photo
North American River OtterOrange2018-06-25Susan HamlettoneSwimming in the creek. When it saw me, it went under, swan down stream about 15 feet and popped it's head up and looked straight at me; went back under and swam about 10 feet to a bank (mud at the end of a beaver dam), went over the bank and went back into the water, out of sight. What a treat!! - Mountain Creek in Chapel Hill, NC.05_Sight
Eastern Red BatDurham2008-04-15Owen McConnell1In mid-day I was removing the preceding winter's fallen leaves from a hybrid azalea bush that was underneath a large Southern Red Oak. The azalea was about four feet tall and three feet wide. When I grabbed with my bare hand an apparent "leaf" from the center of the azalea, it felt prickly and non-leaf-like. I quickly dropped it on the ground. As it lay motionless on the ground, I immediately recognized it as an Eastern Red Bat because of its rusty red color and moderate size. I rushed into the house to get my camera. When I returned after a few minutes, however, it was gone. - 2808 Butner Street, Durham, NC 27704, in shady backyard with deciduous trees and evergreen and deciduous shrubs05_Sight
Southern Short-tailed ShrewDurham2008-03-14Owen McConnell110:52 A.M. The shrew had been caught and deposited on my carport by a neighbor's cat. My backyard is deciduous woods with leaf litter left to accumulate. Perhaps a colony of shrews existed there because the cat caught them on a number of occasions. Since it was mid-March when this shrew was caught, it appears to be in its winter gray colors. - 2808 Butner Street, Durham, NC, 27704photo02_Photo
Eastern CottontailOrange2017-06-08Owen McConnell14:17 p.m. I first saw the rabbit moving about in a bed of native grasses; but after a while, it lay down to rest. I photographed it while it was resting. - UNC Botanical Garden in Chapel Hill, NC, behind the Totten Center at the southern edge of the original gardenphoto02_Photo
Tricolored BatSampson2018-06-19Gary Jordan (USFWS) and Sean Farrell (NCDOT)1Mist netted one juvenile male within forest opening in cypress/gum swamp along South River. - Bull Farm Mitigation Site off Greens Bridge Roadphoto02_Captured
Evening BatSampson2018-06-19Gary Jordan (USFWS) and Sean Farrell (NCDOT)1Mist netted one juvenile male in forest opening within cypress/gum swamp along South River. - Bull Farm Mitigation Site off Greens Bridge Road photo02_Captured
North American River OtterGraham1999-03-17Owen and Pat McConnell1The otter was viewed from our car on U.S 129 at a distance of about 30 yds. The otter was a fully grown adult, and it was stretched out on a big rock in the middle of the river in sunlight. It appeared to be sunning itself. - Cheoah River one-eight mile upstream from where the Big Fat Gap Road crosses the river. 05_Sight
Evening BatWarren2018-06-14Gary Jordan (USFWS)1Captured one juvenile male on trail through mixed pine/hardwood upland forest. - Shocco Creek Game Land off Beaman Hunt Roadphoto02_Captured
Eastern Gray SquirrelDurham2014-08-08Owen McConnell1I saw this gray squirrel pluck a Boletus subvelutipes mushroom from the ground in my neighbor's yard, climb about 10 feet up the trunk of a Willow Oak with it in its mouth, and begin to eat it. This mushroom is thought to be toxic to humans, causing gastrointestinal upset. - Front yard of 2806 Butner St., Durham, NCphoto02_Photo
Brown RatDavie2012-09-17Owen & Pat McConnell1The rat came out of dense shrubbery onto the edge of the sidewalk leading from the parking lot to the restrooms. It appeared to be eating something, but was quick to run back into the shrubbery when anyone approached. - I-40 Eastbound Rest Area near Clemmons, NCphoto02_Photo
BobcatGraham2002-08-16Owen and Pat McConnell1About 8:00 P.M. as I was driving east on the skyway, a large Bobcat ran from the upper road bank across the road about 40 yds. in front of the car. It ducked under the metal guardrail after crossing the road. When the car passed by the spot where it had crossed, I was very surprised to see it lying on its belly in a bare spot of dirt and gravel beneath the guardrail, facing the skyway, with its front legs extended sphinx-like in front of its body, its head raised, and its pointed ears erect--in a classic lion's pose! - Cherohala Skyway east between mileposts 10 and 11 east of Spirit Ridge05_Sight
Eastern ChipmunkDavie2012-05-06Owen & Pat McConnell13:41 P.M. The Chipmunk was foraging on open ground under oaks near a picnic table and sidewalk. Its cheek pouches were rather full. At times it would run into nearby shrubbery, then return. - I-40 Eastbound Rest Areaphoto02_Photo
White-tailed DeerGraham2012-06-24Owen McConnell1Adult deer without antlers see crossing a dirt road - Tulula Wetlands05_Sight
White-tailed DeerGraham2009-06-21Owen and Pat McConnell1A large deer without antlers seen at edge of the road - Cherohala Skyway near Santeetlah Overlook05_Sight
BobcatGraham1999-07-28Owen and Pat McConnell and Brennen McConnell1About 8:00 p.m. the Bobcat was seen at the edge of the skyway. It crossed the road about 30 yds. in front of our car, giving us good looks - Cherohala Skyway a mile east of Obadiah Gap Overlook05_Sight
American Black BearGraham2010-04-21Owen and Pat McConnell and Wayne Washam1A large, adult bear was draped over a large, horizontal limb of a tall Tuliptree. The limb was about 60 feet above the ground; but, since the tree was downslope toward the center of the loop about 50 yards away, it was nearly at our eye level. With 8X40 binoculars the bear could be seen clearly. It lay stretched out along the limb, with its head next to the trunk of the tree and with a foreleg hanging limply over our side of the limb. The sun was shining on its back. It raised its head and looked our way a couple of times. - Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest on lower loop trail on the memorial trail about .25 miles going clockwise from the parking lot. 05_Sight
American Black BearGraham1998-10-08Owen & Pat McConnell1At twilight a very large bear was standing upright on its hind legs (human-like )at the edge on the road, looking in our direction. Seeing our car approaching, it looked startled and quickly ran into the brush. - Cherohala Skyway near Santeetlah Overlook05_Sight
American Black BearGraham1997-06-18Owen & Pat McConnell1A young bear. On seeing the car, it wheeled about and with several lopes entered the woods. - On shoulder of the Cherohala Skyway just north of Stratton Meadow05_Sight