Mammals of North Carolina:
their Distribution and Abundance
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North American River OtterOrange2018-01-19Matthew Case1Seen rolling in the snow, then swimming in a pond, sticking it's head up through the thin ice. - 4001 Teer Roadphoto02_Photo
Eastern Fox SquirrelAlleghany2017-12-19Mike Turner and Mike Mickie1Roadkill. A large, warm-brown colored squirrel with a reddish tail. - US 221 ~1/2 mile east of Prather's Creek, approx. coordinates are 36.4988, -81.249403_Roadkill
Red SquirrelAlleghany2018-01-10Mike Turner and Mike Mickie1A reddish squirrel, smaller than a gray squirrel, with tufted ears. It ran across road, jumped up on a stone fence, and perched there as we slowly drove by. - Blue Ridge Parkway at mile post 217.3, coordinates 36.5569, -80.9084, elevation ~2600' 05_Sight
North American River OtterGranville2017-12-08Paul SteffensenseveralAt least 4 otters were observed swimming/diving on a pond for several days in early December 2017 and again in mid-January 2018. They often seen together. photo02_Photo
Mexican Free-tailed BatPolk2017-06-14Mary Frazer, Nancy Scott, Nathan Howell, Kate Sevick, Lizzy Stokes-Cawley8Bats were captured in harp traps at bridge. Big brown bats were also captured there. - Bridge over I-26 in Columbus02_Captured
American MinkTransylvania2017-09-27Stephanie Bradley1Saw it on the way to work (around 8 am), stopped and took it off the road. Body was still warm and pliable. Looked in very good health. - On Wilson Rd. in Brevard. Roadkill right next to French Broad river access point & water treatment center.photo02_Photo
Striped SkunkChatham2018-01-03Trey Keifer1Striped Skunk in semi-wooded area. Captured on game camera by landowner. photo02_Photo
Red FoxGaston2017-12-28E. Moore1Large red fox appeared twice on the mornings of 12/28 & 12/29 @ approximately 9 am. - 114 Duck Cove Rd., Belmont NC 2801205_Sight
American BeaverGuilford2017-12-29Matt Wangerin25 pm. Originally out of water adjacent to lodge, stripping bark from branches. - Plainfield Road marsh, Greensboro.photo02_Photo
Gray FoxYadkin0000-00-00Tyler Smith 2 Late evening in corn field, December 2016. Hunter harvest record.01_Collection
Gray FoxMacon2017-04-24Rita St. Clair, Jason P. Love1Photo captured by Bushnell trail camera owned and operated by Rita St. Clair. Data entry and species i.d. by Jason P. Love. Timestamp is 18:38. - 364 Hazels Creek Ln, Franklin, NC 28734photo02_Photo
Gray FoxMacon2017-01-19Rita St. Clair, Jason P. Love2Photo taken by Bushnell trail camera owned and operated by Rita St. Clair. Data entry and species i.d. by Jason P. Love. Timestamp is 20:05 hours. Based on Mammals of North Carolina website, this would be a new record for Macon County, which is surprising given that the animal is fairly common, based on my own observations over the past 10 years. - 364 Hazels Creek Ln, Franklin, NC 28734photo02_Photo
CoyoteRowan2017-11-12John KisertwoPhoto captured by a trail camera at 8:30am. - Northwestern Rowan County near Clevelandphoto02_Photo
Common RaccoonRowan2017-03-08John KiseronePhoto captured by a trail camera at 8:09am. - Northwestern Rowan County near Cleveland.photo02_Photo
White-tailed DeerRowan2017-08-28John KisersevenThe larger buck was traveling in a group of other males. - Northwestern Rowan Countyphoto02_Photo
BobcatRowan2017-09-25John KiseronePhoto captured by a trail camera at 7:35am. The bobcat has just caught his breakfast squirrel. - Northewestern Rowan County near Cleveland.photo02_Photo
BobcatRowan2015-08-02John Kiser3Mother bobcat with two young captured by a trail camera - Northwestern Rowan County near Clevelandphoto02_Photo
BobcatRowan2017-11-23Bridgett Stubbs1seen on trail camera, also verbally told by a neighbor about a sighting in the same area - Gold Hillphoto02_Photo
Southern Flying SquirrelRowan2017-10-17John KiseronePictured by a trail camera on a pine tree. This one appears to be a bit smaller than my other submission and was located about 1/4 mile away. - North Western Rowanphoto02_Photo
American MinkWake2017-12-01Eddie Owens, Bobby Owens1Seen at 11am looking down from the bridge. Mink seen in the marsh swimming. Slender and sleek, beautiful brown coat of fur with slightly darker fur on tail. - Bridge over Beaver Creek on the American Tobacco Trail near the New Hill-Olive Chapel Road Access.05_Sight
Red SquirrelMadison2017-11-23Rick Huggins1Watched a red squirrel for 2 hours while sitting on a deer stand. High elevation location with scattered white pines. It seemed quite content until it saw the shadow of a hawk high overhead and it disappeared in a flash. 05_Sight
North American River OtterWake2017-11-23Garrett Hicks Brandon Hicks1River otter scene and lower Barton creek swimming then exiting the riverbank. Had white diamond on chest.05_Sight
North American River OtterPamlico2017-11-19Allen Porter2They frequent our dock to eat and leave scat - Ball Creek05_Sight
Eastern Spotted SkunkHaywood2017-09-18Aimee Rockhill, Candice Moreau, Alex KiserWe captured this beauty on a trail cam from my western nc carnivore ecology project. Feel free to contact me with any questions. Aimee - Waynesville Watershedphoto02_Photo
Little Brown BatMecklenburg0000-00-00fide David Webster1Specimen deposited in alcohol at UNC-W. UNWC 22483. It was origianly misidentified as Myotis septentrionalis, but that mistake has been corrected on the specimen label and in the UNCW catalogue.01_Collection
Eastern Fox SquirrelCarteret2017-10-27Mark Shields1Adult came to edge of pond to drink, 3:40 pm - Patsy Pond, Croatan National Forestphoto02_Photo
Hispid Cotton RatOrange2017-10-30Ken HyersOneAround home located in open pine and mixed hardwoods. Cornered by cat at 16:30. Death by shovel. - Deerview Trail, Durham, NC 27712 (Orange County)photo02_Photo
Southern Flying SquirrelPasquotank0000-00-00Daniel B White 22 sighted. One with pecan in mouth in tree and the other gliding from limb to limb. - Pasquotank county05_Sight
North American River OtterBurke2017-10-25Mark Ownbey, Keith Breedlove, Jim Bombenger.1The otter was swimming in the river. It was about 15 feet from where we stood on the bank. It dove and surfaced a couple of times, so we were able to see its entire body. It was about 3 feet long. We saw it about 10 a.m. - Linville River adjacent to the Mountains-to-Sea blue dot access trail.05_Sight
American BeaverGuilford2017-10-25Matt Wangerin18 am, swimming in pond close to the road - pond at N side of Howerton Rd., "Elon"photo02_Photo