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Pendarus punctiscriptus - No Common Name

© Kyle Kittelberger- side view

© Kyle Kittelberger- top view

© Kyle Kittelberger- female; note pregenital
Family: CICADELLIDAESubfamily: Deltocephalinae
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Description: Adults are grayish-brown in color, typically grayish overall with several brown bands on the wings. The boldness of wings markings can vary among individuals. The crown is bluntly and somewhat evenly produced, with a slight point to the apex. The female pregenital sternite has the lateral and median lobes equally produced, and there are submarginal spots on the sternite near the medial lobes; there is also a prominent median notch. Adult males are 5.2-5.9 mm long, while females are 6.0-7.3 mm. (Hamilton 1975)

Nymphs are somewhat bicolored, a combination of dark brown on the sides and the rest of the body a pale tan. For images of adults and nymphs, see: BOLD.

Distribution in North Carolina
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Distribution: Widespread in Eastern and Central North America, less common in the southeastern U.S (where it is replaced by P. stipatus). (Hamilton 1975)
Abundance: Recorded recently from several counties in the Piedmont and Coastal Plain, probably more abundant in the right habitat.
Seasonal Occurrence
Habitats and Life History
Habitats: Has been found in grassy areas surrounded by mixed hardwood forest.
Plant Associates:
Behavior: Can be attracted at night with a light.
Status: Native
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Species Photo Gallery for Pendarus punctiscriptus No Common Name

Photo by: Kyle Kittelberger, Brian Bockhahn, Paul Scharf
Wake Co.
Comment: grassy habitat
Photo by: Kyle Kittelberger, Brian Bockhahn, Paul Scharf
Wake Co.
Comment: grassy habitat
Photo by: Paul Scharf, Kyle Kittelberger, Brian Bockhahn
Wake Co.
Comment: Attracted to Black Light
Photo by: Kyle Kittelberger
Wake Co.
Comment: female