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Neocurtilla hexadactyla (Perty, 1832) - Northern Mole Cricket

Family: Gryllotalpidae Subfamily: Gryllotalpinae Tribe: NeocurtilliniSynonym: Gryllotalpa hexadactyla                                                                                 
Field Guide Descriptions: Online Photographs: BugGuideSINA 351a.htm                                                                                  
Singing Behavior: Songs consist of very low-pitched croaking chirps.

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Distribution in North Carolina
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Flight Dates:
 High Mountains (HM) ≥ 4,000 ft.
 Low Mountains (LM) < 4,000 ft.
 Piedmont (Pd)
 Coastal Plain (CP)

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Habitats and Life History
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Status in North Carolina
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Photo Gallery for Neocurtilla hexadactyla - Northern Mole Cricket

Recorded by: Z. Hull
Gaston Co.
Recorded by: Ken Kneidel
Yancey Co.
Recorded by: Ken Kneidel
Stanly Co.
Comment: found dead on trail
Recorded by: Steve Hall
Orange Co.
Comment: Calling from a low area in a grassy field; 88 degrees F (= 31 C)
Recorded by: Stephen Hall
Orange Co.
Comment: Came to a sheet set up on a dry knoll for moth sampling; flew several times up onto the sheet
Recorded by: Steve Hall
Orange Co.
Comment: Heard singing in an old field on low ground
Recorded by: j.wyche
Gates Co.
Recorded by: SBW, FKW
Camden Co.
Comment: DISW - Canal Rd.