The Dragonflies and Damselflies of North Carolina
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Notes on the Odonates of NC
Common Name County Date Observer(s) Number Comments Record Type
1 Laura's Clubtail [Stylurus laurae] Macon 2011-09-27 Jason Love, Daniel Sollenberger 2 Two were netted by Mountain View Intermediate 6th graders (Ishmael Roots & Katliyn Rodriquez) at Tessentee Bottomland Preserve near the confluence of Tessentee Creek and the Little Tennessee River - Netted (and picture taken) while cruising the bottomlands of Tessentee Bottomland Preserve; one was collected Photo online
2 Laura's Clubtail [Stylurus laurae] Macon 2012-10-04 Jason Love & Daniel Sollenberger 1 Netted and released one female Laura's Clubtail at Tessentee Bottomland Preserve - Netted and released; female Net
3 Laura's Clubtail [Stylurus laurae] Macon 2014-09-22 Jason Love 1 Part of "Migration Celebration" with 6th grade students at LTLT's Tessentee Bottomland Preserve - Male; Netted, photographed, and released Photo
4 Laura's Clubtail [Stylurus laurae] Macon 1984-08-31 S.W. Dunkle 1 Iotla Creek at Iotla; OdonataCentral record - specimen in John C. Abbott Collection Sight