The Dragonflies and Damselflies of North Carolina
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North Carolina's 187 Odonate species
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Once on a species account page, clicking on the "View PDF" link will show the flight data for that species, for each of the three regions of the state.
Other information, such as high counts and earliest/latest dates, can also been seen on the PDF page.

Superb Jewelwing - Calopteryx amata View 131
Appalachian Jewelwing - Calopteryx angustipennis View 132
Sparkling Jewelwing - Calopteryx dimidiata View 133
Ebony Jewelwing - Calopteryx maculata View 134
Amanda's Pennant - Celithemis amanda View 84
Red-veined Pennant - Celithemis bertha View 85
Calico Pennant - Celithemis elisa View 86
Halloween Pennant - Celithemis eponina View 87
Banded Pennant - Celithemis fasciata View 88
Ornate Pennant - Celithemis ornata View 91
Double-ringed Pennant - Celithemis verna View 92
Aurora Damsel - Chromagrion conditum View 180
Brown Spiketail - Cordulegaster bilineata View 192
Tiger Spiketail - Cordulegaster erronea View 3
Twin-spotted Spiketail - Cordulegaster maculata View 5
Arrowhead Spiketail - Cordulegaster obliqua View 6
American Emerald - Cordulia shurtleffii View 197
Regal Darner - Coryphaeschna ingens View 54