The Dragonflies and Damselflies of North Carolina
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North Carolina's 187 Odonate species
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Once on a species account page, clicking on the "View PDF" link will show the flight data for that species, for each of the three regions of the state.
Other information, such as high counts and earliest/latest dates, can also been seen on the PDF page.

Golden Bluet - Enallagma sulcatum View 169
Golden-winged Skimmer - Libellula auripennis View 99
Gray Petaltail - Tachopteryx thoreyi View 1
Gray-green Clubtail - Arigomphus pallidus View 189
Great Blue Skimmer - Libellula vibrans View 109
Great Spreadwing - Archilestes grandis View 179
Green-faced Clubtail - Hylogomphus viridifrons View 33
Green-striped Darner - Aeshna verticalis View 48