The Dragonflies and Damselflies of North Carolina
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North Carolina's 187 Odonate species
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Once on a species account page, clicking on the "View PDF" link will show the flight data for that species, for each of the three regions of the state.
Other information, such as high counts and earliest/latest dates, can also been seen on the PDF page.

Calico Pennant - Celithemis elisa View 86
Carolina Saddlebags - Tramea carolina View 128
Carolina Spreadwing - Lestes vidua View 143
Chalk-fronted Corporal - Ladona julia View 202
Cherokee Clubtail - Stenogomphurus consanguis View 12
Cherry Bluet - Enallagma concisum View 156
Cherry-faced Meadowhawk - Sympetrum internum View 203
Cinnamon Shadowdragon - Neurocordulia virginiensis View 76
Citrine Forktail - Ischnura hastata View 175
Clamp-tipped Emerald - Somatochlora tenebrosa View 82
Clearlake Clubtail - Phanogomphus australis View 19
Cobra Clubtail - Gomphurus vastus View 17
Cocoa Clubtail - Gomphurus hybridus View 196
Comet Darner - Anax longipes View 50
Common Baskettail - Epitheca cynosura View 68
Common Green Darner - Anax junius View 49
Common Sanddragon - Progomphus obscurus View 45
Common Whitetail - Plathemis lydia View 111
Coppery Emerald - Somatochlora georgiana View 79
Cyrano Darner - Nasiaeschna pentacantha View 58