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Stream Cruiser (Didymops transversa) by Mark Shields
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distribution Essentially statewide, but scarce in the extreme eastern coastal areas (where most dragonfly species are also scarce to absent).
abundance Fairly common to common, and very widespread, across the Piedmont and at least the western half of the Coastal Plain. Uncommon in the lower Coastal Plain and in the mountains (where records are increasing, perhaps simply owing to more surveys).
flight Mid-March to mid-July, though primarily in the spring (i.e., mainly in April and May). There are a few records well into August and early September, but the flight is generally over in July. The flight in the mountains starts in early April.
habitat A wide variety of creeks and rivers (though typically smaller rivers); rarely at lakes.
behavior Males patrol back and forth across streams. Adults are more often seen flying and perched well away from water, along dirt roads, sunny trails, and edges. They perch obliquely on twigs and other vegetation low to the ground, as do spiketails and darners (with which they often fly).
comments Other than another Didymops species in Florida, this is the only member of its genus in most of the United States. Though unique from that standpoint, at a casual glance it could be confused with some darners, spiketails, or river cruisers. However, it is easily separated from all but river cruisers by its single yellow band on the side of the thorax, its yellow facial bar, and single yellow spots (not paired) on the top of the abdominal segments. The river cruisers have green (or brighter green) eyes and are blacker on the abdomen (not so brown), they fly later in summer, and they seldom perch near the ground. The Stream Cruiser is reasonably unwary, often allowing close study while perched obliquely on a twig.
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Photo 1 by: p dixon

Comment: Madison, 2020-05-10, Hot Springs area, River Road, sunny, 60s
Photo 2 by: Chuck Smith

Comment: Rowan, 2020-04-07, Eagle Point Nature Preserve. - 1 male and 1 female.
Photo 3 by: Jan Hansen

Comment: Orange, 2020-04-03, Brumley Forest North-Silo Pond
Photo 4 by: John Petranka

Comment: Burke; M, 2019-05-21, Linville River at Linville Falls Campground, Blue Ridge Parkway. - Male.
Photo 5 by: Chuck Smith

Comment: Jackson, 2019-05-14, Panthertown Valley, along Mac's Gap Trail ca. 50 meters southeast of its junction with Granny Burrell Falls Trail. - Female.
Photo 6 by: Mark Shields, Hunter Phillips

Comment: Montgomery, 2019-04-22, Uwharrie River downstream from mouth of Moccasin Creek
Photo 7 by: John Petranka, Mark Shields

Comment: Orange, 2019-04-18, Eno River State Park (ENRI) Cole Mill Section. Along powerline corridor SW of Old Cole Mill Rd. - Both sexes including one mating pair.
Photo 8 by: Mark Shields, Hunter Phillips

Comment: Wayne, 2019-04-15, Cliffs of the Neuse State Park (CLNE) - female
Photo 9 by: Mark Shields

Comment: Chatham, 2018-05-05, White Pines Nature Preserve - males foraging over trail along Rocky River
Photo 10 by: Mark Shields

Comment: Onslow, 2018-04-13, Stones Creek Game Land
Photo 11 by: John Petranka

Comment: Scotland, 2018-04-04, Lumber River State Park (LURI), Chalk Banks Access. - Males.
Photo 12 by: Mark Shields

Comment: Jones, 2018-04-03, Weetock Trail near Haywood Landing, Croatan National Forest - female
Photo 13 by: John Petranka

Comment: Watauga, 2017-05-17, Trout Lake, Julian Price Park, Blue Ridge Parkway. - Males.
Photo 14 by: Mark Shields

Comment: Bladen, 2017-04-16, South River at Ennis Bridge Road bridge
Photo 15 by: Curtis Smalling

Comment: Robeson, 2017-04-12, at WRC put in on river 34.591680, -78.983892
Photo 16 by: Curtis Smalling

Comment: Robeson, 2017-04-12, at WRC put in on river 34.591680, -78.983892
Photo 17 by: Mark Shields

Comment: Columbus, 2017-04-12, Waccamaw River from Pireway Boating Access Area to 6 km upstream
Photo 18 by: Mark Shields

Comment: Brunswick, 2017-04-12, Waccamaw River from Pireway Boating Access Area to 6 km upstream
Photo 19 by: G. Schneider

Comment: Iredell, 2017-04-11, LANO - Walk on the connector trail from Lakeshore Trail to the Group Camp
Photo 20 by: George Andrews

Comment: Mecklenburg, 2017-04-02, Six-mile Creek Greenway - Late in day, cruising small clearing and frequently engaging in territorial dispute.
Photo 21 by: Mark Shields

Comment: Sampson, 2017-03-25, South River
Photo 22 by: Owen McConnell

Comment: Graham, 2015-05-02, old logging road near FS 81 bridge over Big Santeetlah Creek
Photo 23 by: Conrad Wernett

Comment: Wake, 2014-04-12,
Photo 24 by: Mike Turner

Comment: Wake, 2013-04-27, Lake Raleigh
Photo 25 by: Steve Hall

Comment: Franklin, 2013-04-17, Tar River below Louisburg
Photo 26 by: Lori Owenby

Comment: Catawba, 2012-04-08, Riverbend Park - Perching along trail near creek (two separate locations)
Photo 27 by: Vin Stanton, Doug Johnston

Comment: Buncombe, 2012-04-05, Sandy Mush gamelands northern Buncombe County - Male
Photo 28 by: Mark Shields

Comment: Onslow, 2012-03-14, retention pond, Coastal Carolina Community College, Jacksonville
Photo 29 by: Mark Shields

Comment: Onslow, 2012-03-14, retention pond, Coastal Carolina Community College, Jacksonville
Photo 30 by: Vin Stanton

Comment: Buncombe, 2011-05-10, also imaged a few days prior by Virginia Senechal, imaged at Beaver Lake Asheville