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Interior Least Clubtail

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sciName Stylogomphus sigmastylus
mapClick on county for list of all its records for Interior Least Clubtail
distribution This is a species of the Ozark Mountains eastward to central TN. There are records reported in Paulson (2011) from southwestern VA and central NC. The single record for the state came from 1969, collected by Duncan Cuyler near Vass, Moore County; Steve Roble provided us with the data for this record (in 2013).
abundance Presumably extremely rare in NC, assuming a correct identification. As the record was over 40 years ago, we must consider it to be of historical occurrence, though it still could certainly be present in the state, either there or elsewhere.
flight The only record for the state was on 2 July. As the Eastern Least Clubtail flies in the Piedmont from early May to early August, the flight of the Interior Least Clubtail is likely for several months in spring and summer.
habitat Rivers that are clear and somewhat small, with moderate current. Apparently the same as for Eastern Least Clubtail.
behavior Presumably like that of Eastern Least Clubtail.
comments This species looks very similar to the Eastern Least Clubtail, which is uncommon in itself in the state. Thus, it seems that a specimen would be necessary to confirm the Interior Least Clubtail in NC.
state_status SR
S_rank SH
G_rank G5
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