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Variegated Meadowhawk (Sympetrum corruptum) by Marion Dobbs. 2005-10-30 TX
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distribution Resident in the western and central parts of the continent, but just a migrant or stray in the southern Atlantic Coast states. Perhaps resident east to western TN and the panhandle of FL. Accidental or stray to NC, where the only record known to us is one photographed in Carteret County in 2007.
abundance Stray; casual or accidental. GA has a few records, and NC, SC, and VA have at least one each.
flight Probably most likely to occur in late summer or fall. The only NC date available is 30 October.
habitat Breeds at ponds and slow portions of streams. A stray to the East Coast, such as this species, could be seen practically anywhere, especially in coastal habitats. The one found in 2007 in NC was in dune habitat along a barrier island.
behavior As the species is presumed to be a migrant, it could theoretically be seen anywhere in the state. The adults perch fairly low to the ground, and sometimes even on the ground.
comments This species is reported for NC in the IORI website checklist prepared by Bick and Mauffray (1999-2004). However, Cuyler's unpublished data contains no records for the species for NC. Fortunately, Randy Newman photographed one at Fort Macon State Park in fall 2007 for the first definitive record, though we assume there must be an older record/report prior to 2004. At any rate, the species is a stray to the East Coast.
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Photo by: Newman, Randy

Comment: Carteret, 2007-10-30, In dunes south of fort. IDed from poor quality photo.