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Marshes, Mires, and Shoreline Habitats
Salt and Brackish Marshes
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Habitat Overview Members of this habitat are halophilic, restricted to coastal brackish and salt marshes, making little or no use of freshwater habitats.

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Defining Species
Taxa Global RankState RankImperilment Score
Ammospiza maritima - Seaside Sparrow G4S41.00
Rallus crepitans - Clapper Rail G5S41.00
Amplicephalus littoralis G4G5S3S41.17
Aphelonema simplex G4G5S3S41.17
Destria bisignata
Keyflana hasta G4G5S3S41.17
Neomegamelanus elongatus G4G5S3S41.17
Neomegamelanus spartini G4G5S3S41.17
Paraphlepsius fuscipennis G4G5S3S41.17
Prokelisia crocea G4G5S3S41.17
Prokelisia marginata G4G5S3S41.17
Sanctanus aestuarium G3G4S3S41.38
Spartidelphax detectus G4G5S3S41.17
Spartidelphax penedetectus G4G5S3S41.17
Tumidagena propinqua G4G5S3S41.17
Tumidagena terminalis G4G5S3S41.17
Borrichia frutescens - Sea Oxeye G5S41.00
Symphyotrichum subulatum - Annual Saltmarsh Aster G5S3S41.08
Symphyotrichum tenuifolium - Perennial Saltmarsh Aster G5S31.49
Conocephalus nigropleuroides - Tidewater Meadow Katydid GNRSH5.39
Conocephalus spartinae - Saltmarsh Meadow Katydid GNRS2S41.49
Neoconocephalus melanorhinus - Black-Nosed Conehead GNRSH5.39
Orchelimum fidicinium - Seaside Meadow Katydid GNRS3S41.08
Distichlis spicata - Seashore Saltgrass G5S41.00
Juncus roemerianus - Black Needlerush G5S51.00
Sporobolus alterniflorus - Saltmarsh Cordgrass G5S51.00
Doryodes fusselli - Fussell's Doryodes G2G4S2S47.80
Doryodes spadaria - Dull Doryodes Moth GNRS3S41.08
Palatka nymphaeella GNRS3S41.08
Photedes enervata G4SU1.75
Erythrodiplax berenice - Seaside Dragonlet G5S51.00
Iva frutescens - Bigleaf Marsh-elder G5S41.00
Limonium carolinianum - Carolina Sea-lavender G5S41.00
Malaclemys terrapin - Diamondback Terrapin G4S31.75
Nerodia sipedon williamengelsi - Carolina Watersnake T3S3
Panoquina panoquin - Salt Marsh Skipper G5S41.00
Poanes aaroni - Aaron's Skipper G4S1S2 [S1]
Sum: 54.8
Average of 34: 1.61

Phagic and Competitory Symbioses: (Limonium carolinianum/Palatka nymphaeella)

Candidates for Inclusion The list of species currently includes only air-breathing animals and vascular plants. Salt and brackish marshes, however, are habitat for vast numbers of fish, invertebrates, and algae. As new taxonomic websites are developed for these groups, this list will expand greatly. Periwinkles, Fiddler Crabs, Marsh Crabs, and Killifish would all be obvious candidates.
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References Sanger, D. and Parker, C. 2016. Guide to the Salt Marshes And Tidal Creeks of the Southeastern United States. Southeastern Regional Taxonomic Center Marine Resources Research Institute; South Carolina Department of Natural. Accessible online at: https://www.saltmarshguide.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/SaltMarshTidalCreekGuide.pdf
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