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General Shrublands
Coastal Plain Cane Thickets
Habitat Overview Thickets of Switch Cane (Arundinaria tecta) are common features of bottomland forests, peatlands, and pine savannas and flatwoods of the Coastal Plain. A number of animal species appear to be specialists on Switch Cane itself or are otherwise tied to the environmental factors that prevail in the Coastal Plain.

This habitat intersects with that of the General Cane Thickets group, which includes species that range at least into the Piedmont and some all the way into the Mountains and that presumably are associated with both Switch Cane and River Cane.

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Defining Species
Taxa Global RankState RankImperilment Score
Apameine new genus 2 sp. 3 - A Cane Borer GNRS2S32.06
Franclemontia interrogans - Franclemont's Cane Moth G3G4S2S32.62
Loscopia roblei - Roble's Cane Borer G3G4S2S32.62
Arundanus carolinus G3SU7.80
Arundanus crumbi G3SU7.80
Arundanus fastigatus G2G3SU
Arundanus latidens GNRS3S41.08
Arundanus parvulus G3SU7.80
Arundanus rubralineus GNRS2S41.49
Arundanus sarissus G2G3SU
Sanctanus tectus
Arundinaria tecta - Switch Cane G5S51.00
Sum: 34.27
Average of 9: 3.81

Phagic and Competitory Symbioses: (Arundinaria tecta-Arundinaria gigantea/Apameine new genus 2 sp. 3-Arundanus carolinus-Arundanus crumbi-Arundanus fastigatus-Arundanus latidens-Arundanus parvulus-Arundanus rubralineus-Arundanus sarissus-Franclemontia interrogans)

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