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Eratoneura hymettana - No Common Name

© Paul Scharf- side view

© Paul Scharf- top view
Family: CICADELLIDAESubfamily: Typhlocybinae
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Description: A species with a distinctive color pattern. The wings and body are mostly a pale, yellow to white color, but there are four dark faded marks (almost rectangular in shape) on the middle of the wings, forming an upside down U when viewed from above; these dark marks can be quite bold in some individuals, appearing black. There is an incomplete brownish band across the base of the wings and scutellum, and a broken band towards the rear of the wings, past the black marks; this rear band consists of red markings in some individuals, a smudgy band in others. The wingtips are also brown, giving the appearance of a third band in some individuals. The vertex is largely pale, with a distinct midline; the pronotum is almost entirely pale. Adults are 2.9- 3.2 mm long. (3I)
Distribution in North Carolina
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Distribution: Interior eastern North America, where it seems to be very uncommon to rare due to the low number of collected specimens. (3I)
Abundance: Recorded from a single county in the Piedmont; likely a very uncommon to rare species in the state.
Seasonal Occurrence
Habitats and Life History
Habitats: Has been found near mixed hardwood forest habitat.
Plant Associates: Platanus occidentalis (3I)
Behavior: Can be attracted at night with a light.
Comment: A very distinctive species, nothing in our area resembles this.
Status: Native

Species Photo Gallery for Eratoneura hymettana No Common Name

Photo by: Paul Scharf, B Bockhahn
Rockingham Co.
Comment: Attracted to Black Light
Photo by: Paul Scharf, B Bockhahn
Rockingham Co.
Comment: Attracted to Black Light